What is your cancellation policy?

I require a $100.00 CAD non-refundable deposit to secure your session date.

Only in the event of a medical/family emergency or weather-related hurdle can the deposit be used towards a rescheduled session.

In order to reschedule with your initial deposit, you must give at least 48 hours notice

How & when will I receive the images?

I do my best to get galleries out as fast as humanly possible. Depending on which session package you choose, you will receive your gallery within one week or less.*
For wedding packages, you will receive your gallery within 6-12 weeks* of your wedding date.
Your photos are sent via WeTransfer, a free & easy file sharing service that provides a seamless viewing gallery and download experience straight to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

*As outlined in your selected package details

Are you available to travel?

I've always got the travel bug and I'm willing to adventure to you and yours, wherever that may be.

Travel fees may apply.

Do you have a studio space?

I currently do not have an indoor studio space at this time. I prefer to shoot on location outside, with the majority of my sessions taking place in the great outdoors all over beautiful Northern Ontario! For newborn sessions, I offer in home sessions for maximum comfortability and convenience.

What is the best time for us to book and schedule our session?

If you have your heart set on a specific date, let's get it locked down ASAP so that day can all be yours.

Like most photographers, I'm a big fan of shooting outdoors in natural light so my favourite time to shoot is right before/during "golden hour", which is is the hour right before sunrise/sunset.

I know seasons and weather forecasts change and this isn't always feasible, so don't sweat it! I can work around morning feedings, work schedules and shift changes.

What do we wear?

1. You don't have to be matchy-matchy (e.g white tee’s and blue jeans), but looking cohesive definitely pays off. When in doubt, find a colour palette of 2-4 coordinating shades (depending on how many family members) and stick to ‘em for a unified appearance.

2. Don't be afraid to mix different fabrics with a variety of textures. This can add contrast and a fun element to your photos.

3. Avoid mixing too many busy patterns, grandiose prints, or large logos that could distract the eye from your faces. We want the focus to be 100% on you, not on Uncle Andy’s Leaf’s logo (unless that’s the vibe you’re going for!)

4. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure its something you and your crew are 100% comfortable in! When you’re picking at a shirt that’s too tight, or holding up pants that don't fit, the uncomfy-ness will translate on camera and we don’t want that.

Can we include our pet(s) in our session?

Absolutely! I will always encourage clients to bring their furry/scaly/feathery friends along for a few photos. 

Depending on the obedience level of your animal, I encourage clients to bring along any treats/squeaky toys or any other assorted items that will assist me in getting them to look at the camera! 

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Manitoulin Island