Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm a lifestyle & portrait photographer from Manitoulin Island and I firmly believe in living in the moment and wholeheartedly embracing the present as is - raw, unfiltered and unedited.

See that girl in the glasses?

That's me in 2007, back when I had yet to discover the magic of contact lenses, and long before posting photos to Instagram was even a concept.

I picked up a camera at a young age because I fell in love with the idea of freezing a moment in time forever.

Fast forward to present day, & not much has changed.

I'm still just as obsessed with taking photos as I was back then, and I'm still constantly taking pictures of everyone and everything.

I pride myself on being able to capture candid moments full of genuine emotion.

When I'm not taking photos...

I enjoy sunny days on the lake (preferably in a boat), spending time with my family and friends, a good acoustic cover, and a stiff G&T.

A few more fun facts?

Fluent in sarcasm, movie quotes, meme, Vine, and Tik Tok references.

To sum up why I do what I do in one tweet,

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Lifestyle Photographer
Manitoulin Island

Top B&W Drone Photographer Portrait & Right Comparison Photo by Noah Cormack.