A little bit about myself...

 I'm a 27 year old lifestyle photographer from Manitoulin Island and I've had the incredible honour of being trusted to capture beautiful memories for the past 7+ years!

It's a job I love passionately and will never take for granted. 

I pride myself on being able to photograph candid moments full of genuine emotion, in short- photos that make you feel. 

I picked up a camera at a young age

 because I fell in love with the idea of freezing a moment in time forever.

Fast forward to present day, & not much has changed.

I'm still just as obsessed with taking photos as I was back then and now I'm lucky enough to call it my full time profession!

Fluent in sarcasm, movie quotes, meme, Vine, and Tik Tok references.

Proud supporter and ally of the LGBTQ+ community #LoveIsLove🌈

When I'm not taking photos I enjoy...

  • Sunny days on the lake & powdery days on the ski hill
  •  A good acoustic cover 
  • Watercolour painting 
  • Harry Potter Marathons
  • Taking my dog, Goot for walks

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Lifestyle Photographer
Manitoulin Island

Top B&W Drone Shot and Right Comparison Photo by Noah Cormack.